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We-Vibe II Testimonials

“As the song goes “I ain’t never had too much fun!” and a couple can have just about all the fun they want with the We-vibe. My partner was a bit dubious when I gave it to her for Christmas but she was believer within seconds of turning it on and inserting it, she lit up just like the Christmas tree and her smile went from ear to ear.

After she got a feel for it, I joined in. It’s all a little bit snug at first, but there’s nothing wrong with snug and a little lube. I loved feeling the vibes, too, and my presence pushed the We-vibe even closer to her G-spot making her smile even bigger. It takes a little practice to keep the external vibrator lined up with the clitoris (a pair of crotchless panties might help here) but practicing withthe We-vibe is no chore at all. I found I could use my thumb to keep it in place and even provide a little rhythmic pressure which was VERY well received. After we read the reviews here, at Babeland and on Blowfish, we tried a few of the reviewers’ suggestions like draping the We-vibe over my penis, whichwas nice but can’t compare to to the primary use and solo use by the woman, which I’m told (and can seefrom observation) gets 5 stars, too.

Fellas, there’s no need to be jealous of the We-vibe, think of it as an enhancement, like whipped cream on a slice of pie, rather than the competition and settle in to enjoying the good vibrations with your partner.”

This is an amazing toy it worked really well for me and my fiance. The front wall of my vagina is very sensitive so this was the perfect product for me. Unless I do a lot of work during sex I usually don’t get off and while the position that gets me there is pleasurable for me it doesn’t do much for my partner.

With the we-vibe it doesn’t matter the position I still get the stimulation that I need. When I first described it to my fiance, well he was a little skeptical but after owning one for a little over a week he is thoroughly convinced.

It fits perfectly and stays in place the carrying case is perfect and discreet. It works really well girl on top the grinding really pushes it against the clitoris. While doggie style is perfect to increase the stimulation to the g-spot. My fiance especially loved it this way. You will both enjoy the vibrations especially on high ;) You will not regret this purchase.

Very good toy.
My wife is in heaven!
You can use it when you’re doing IT.
It’s really great!

I purchased this toy as a mutual birthday gift for my husband and I. We’re both Virgos. To say this toy is revolutionary is putting it mildly. What a great concept for a couples toy. We both loved it and thought it made hot sex alot hotter. Very quite and EASY to use. I loved the pleasure ripples and felt that it made my orgasm very intense. I was on the We-Vibe website and there were a few hints about a next generation toy !!! I CAN’T WAIT.

Purchased toy for girlfriend and she really enjoys it. She has tested the waterproof feature a number of times. :-9
After she got used to the fit and size we actually got to use it together. Definately one that we will keep in our toy chest!

The We-Vibe could just as easily be named the WEE Vibe because it is about the size of a woman’s thumb and index finger. Even with its recharging cord, it fits into a case that looks like an eyeglass case. Very discreet visually.

“Auditorally” – it’s one of the quietest vibes out there.

Versatility – you can use it inside and out, stimulate either or both the C spot and the G spot. It can be used alone or with your partner inside. You can get things warmed up by wrapping it around a nipple. btw – my husband kind of enjoys me wrapping it around various part of his erogenous area.

Performance – it is a delight.

The only improvement I can imagine for this product is to find a way to make it remote controlled which would make things very exciting and fun.

The Perfect Vibe
Alittle expensive but worth it
The High setting is the best ;)
Stays in place great when using it with a partner

We-Vibe 2